Autumn in Wanaka
Autumn in Wanaka Ultimate Wanaka NZ Tours - Autumn in Wanaka

Autumn is absolutely stunning in Wanaka, and although everyone will enjoy this season, it is a photographers and child’s delight. For the photographer; vibrant golds, yellows, and reds line almost every tree in sight. For the child; piles of fallen autumn leaves to jump in, crunch and throw, are everywhere they walk. To them Autumn is bliss.

Autumn officially starts in March, and continues through May. The town of Wanaka is generally a little quieter during these months, as opposed to the rest of the year. Depending on Mother Nature and the weather she brings, you are likely to see the full effect of Wanaka’s Fall colours in late April.

Autumn is perfect for outdoor activities and adventures, as the season brings a very settled weather cycle, and generally has warm calm days and mild nights. A walk along the outlet track, won’t disappoint when you find yourself completely surrounded in glowing golden yellows. If your lucky enough, an early snowfall can see the mountain backdrop capped crisp and white, making the perfect contrast to the Fall colours.

With beautiful colours, calm weather systems and a slightly quieter town, there is no need to hesitate visiting Wanaka in Autumn. It will do nothing but impress you.