Spring in Wanaka is from September 1st – November 30th and offers a magnitude of beautiful seasonal scenery and plenty of things to do.   Trees are starting to bud while leaves, pastures and the mountains sides begin to green up and look lush. This provides a stunning contrast to the lake and snow-capped mountain back drop.

Autumn is absolutely stunning in Wanaka, and although everyone will enjoy this season, it is a photographers and child’s delight. For the photographer; vibrant golds, yellows, and reds line almost every tree in sight. For the child; piles of fallen autumn leaves to jump in, crunch and throw, are everywhere they walk. To them Autumn is bliss. Autumn

The Aurora Australis also known as the Southern Lights is a magnificent beauty that you might just catch in the Wanaka night sky. This Aurora is not as famous as its counterpart the Aurora Borealis seen from the northern hemisphere, but is still well worth missing some sleep over. We won’t go into the science too much, but