3 Reasons to Come to Wanaka – Aside from the Scenery!
Ultimate Wanaka Things to do blog 1140x530 - 3 Reasons to Come to Wanaka - Aside from the Scenery!

There are so many reasons to come to Wanaka aside from its stunning natural beauty. We all know Wanaka is one of the most picturesque places in New Zealand, so here a 3 more reasons to visit us here in Wanaka!



Wanaka has arguably some of the best places to eat in New Zealand. You could easily and happily eat your way around Wanaka over a couple weeks! The Wanaka lake front offers plenty of places with a view; Relishes, Kai Whakapai, The Speights Ale House and The Landing to name a few. Then there are also a few hidden gems tucked away, such as Francesca’s, The Spice Room, Bistro Gentil, Kika, and we can’t go without mentioning Amigos, which will satisfy your Mexican taste buds.



The people in Wanaka are just so friendly. You will be treated like a visiting friend everywhere you go. If you go somewhere twice, don’t be surprised if you get welcomed by name! Locals love chatting to tourists, and you never know who you will meet. Wanaka seems to be a mecca for high achievers. Olympians comes almost one to a dozen, and you are just as likely to brush shoulders with Mt Everest climbers, All Black Captains, or some of New Zealand most highly regarded entrepreneurial minds. You’ll never know however, as that is just Wanaka’s humble nature.

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Mountain biking in Wanaka Photo: Lake Wanaka Tourism

Things to do

Along with great food and friendly people there are so many things to do in Wanaka. We would be here for days if we listed them all, so here is our pick of the bunch;

We can’t go without mentioning; Skydiving with Wanaka Skydive, SUPing with Paddle Wanaka, climbing with Wild Wire, hiring a mountain bike from Outside Sports, or catching a movie at one of the Cinemas. There is certainly something for everyone, beyond the beautiful scenery – just take your pick!

Ultimate Wanaka Things to do Mou Waho Island 300x174 - 3 Reasons to Come to Wanaka - Aside from the Scenery!Mou Waho Island Photo: Lake Wanaka Tourism